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Selling/buying business involves well thought-out planning, and requires specific knowledge and experience to bring out the desired outcome. Compared to selling/buying properties, greater amount of time and efforts are involved in the transaction of business broking. This is why experienced business brokers can play an important role to bring out the best outcome to both sellers and buyers.


Types of commercial properties include office, retail, industrial, hotels and leisure as well as development land. Recently, interest in childcare centres has been strong. While Brisbane is the main destination for commercial properties, Sunshine Coast is now joining the rank due to the Sunshine Coast International Network which is opening up enormous opportunities.


House, apartment, house and land package, town house come under the residential category. ForceOne Realty has established a business relationship with property developers and assist them for not only sale of end products, but, also work closely with them to the successful outcome. This is why we have the Project Marketing as a stand-alone category.


Queensland has a wide variety of agricultural properties which produce a very profitable and future promising opportunity. These include wineries, cattle farms, abattoirs and produce farms. Since opening of the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport in 2014 providing interstate, intrastate and international connectivity, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise has been very actively linking business with opportunity within as well as outside the region

Understanding our Clients and Customers

What makes ForceOne Realty stand out among all other real estate agents? We believe it is to truly understand the needs of our clients and customers. For this, all at ForceOne Realty work closely together bringing in each expertise.

Access to a Wide Network

ForceOne Realty was founded more than 20 years ago by a couple whose background was an international business. Accordingly, they utilised their established network in and out of Australia originally. Then as arrival of, particularly, Chinese interest, expansion of business into Chinese speaking communities became eminent.
Australia has to rely on immigrants to prosper, and ForceOne has a close working relationship with migration agencies.

Creative and Innovative Agency

Our team is focused on finding solutions - we think outside of the box to find the outcome you are looking for, because if it is important to you, it is important to us.

You're In Good Hands

We are committed to securing the best deal​, because your business success is our success. A culture of 'coming back to the one whom you trust' is strongly reflected in our business partnerships.

Chinese Speaking Market

Its outstanding strength in the Chinese speaking market, not only limited within Australia, but, also in Taiwan and Hong Kong and other Asian cities and countries, is well recognised.

The Future

Due to the fairly successful handling of the COVID 19 of Australia, particularly in Queensland, it is reported that businesses and properties in Queensland will attract strong interest continuously, which gives a further assurance of ForceOne Realty’s steady growth.

Dedicated to Achieve

ForceOne Realty is dedicated to achieve what their customers and clients want by utilising their long experience, abundant knowledge and unique skills through its established strong network.

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